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Senior Adult Ministry

"While the glory of young men is their strength, the splendor of older people is their silver hair."  ~Proverbs 20:29

The HBC seniors ministry is a vibrant and nurturing community focused on keeping older adults active, engaged, and spiritually nourished. This ministry recognizes the unique gifts and experiences of seniors, offering a range of activities that cater to their interests and needs.   Central to the ministry are opportunities for spiritual growth and fellowship. Regular Bible study groups and prayer meetings provide a space for seniors to deepen their faith and connect with others.

HBC also organizes various outings and special events throughout the year. These events might include day trips to local attractions, luncheons, learning opportunities, and holiday celebrations-- all designed to foster a sense of community and joy.  The church also hosts special events and gatherings, offering seniors a chance to engage with the broader church community and enjoy meaningful intergenerational fellowship. 

Save the date for the next "big" event: Shellem Cline Concert on May 24!