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mission CC
Cherokee Cove is a christian organization that purposes to elevate and renew the family unit by strengthening family bonds, educating individuals in life application skills, and training disciples, based upon the foundation of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Cherokee Cove is a place to reflect on God’s creation.
mission 4Cs
The 4-C’s Food Pantry is a community assistance program in Pender County that provides short-term relief for those who find themselves in a food crisis. Please visit the office during office hours for if you need a voucher for food assistance.
mission HSMM
The Heaven’s Saints Motorcycle Ministry provides a Christian brotherhood of bikers to fellowship with and minister alongside. We have chapters involved in many areas of ministry including prison ministry, youth outreach, youth detention centers, homeless shelters, drug and alcohol rehab churches, rallies, biker events, etc.
Mission Marsha
Marsha King Ministries is dedicated to bringing Hope through Jesus Christ to all who face life’s difficult challenges. Tailored programs that emphasize the Word of God may include songs, stories, in-your-face dramas and puppets for adults and children in church and community settings, the elderly, and young and old who are incarcerated.   
mission renovation
Renovation Church (a new church plant in Hampstead, NC), wants lost people to meet Jesus and grow in Him as disciples. To make that dream become a reality we aim to renovate communities by ensuring that every man, woman, and child have repeated opportunities to see, hear, and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So we begin by reaching families, living missionally, and planting churches.
mission M25
Families sometimes travel long distances to visit a loved one that is incarcerated in facilities located in southeastern North Carolina. If a family cannot afford to visit because of travel and lodging expenses, The Matthew 25 Center can ease the worry of some of those expenses. The Center provides a “home away from home” where families of those incarcerated may stay free while visiting their loved ones. It is a place where they will be treated with respect and shown Christian love.
mission FCA
FCA is student-led & exists to impact fellow students for Christ. We are Topsail Middle’s biggest club.