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mission Mexico
Kevin and Jan Smith serve as church planters with CTEN. They are located in Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Santa Rosalia’s central location and large population is a perfect fit for the Smiths to help expand the work in Central Baja. Their goal is to help strengthen and undergird the existing church through evangelism, training and networking, leading them to plant churches amongst the unreached in Mexico and around the world.
mission Trinity
Trinity Life is a new church in downtown Toronto. Helping people discover identity and destiny in Christ, influencing our city and the world. They are affiliated with NAMB. 
mission thailand
Based in the country of Thailand. This IMB missionary family (whose names we cannot put online due to their work in potentially dangerous areas) focuses their ministry in Thailand amonng the Shan people. The Shan people, who call themselves Tai, are one of the largest minority groups in Southeast Asia.  As an internationally displaced people they are denied refugee status.  The Shan people were once proud feudal rulers in Myanmar, but now live throughout Myanmar, China, and Thailand.
mission nigeria
Situated in the bustling city of Jos, Nigeria is The International Center of Evangelism, under the direction of the Abayas.  Mawo and Janet lead the far-reaching ministry of the Center in training evangelists and leaders from all over the African continent, and beyond. The school has carried out many evangelism projects, including outreach into remote regions of neighboring Niger (a country that is 99% Muslim).
mission Zimbabwe
Craig and Mell Jones are natives of Zimbabwe. They have chosen to stay in their homeland to help minister to people who are under a very corrupt government. Mell and Craig work with a local Christian school and also Craig teaches at the Theological College of Zimbabwe.  
mission middle east
Lance and Lisa Lawrence: Serve with World Outreach in the Middle East. They have 3 daughters Natalie, Makayla, Alia. 
mission DR
Michael Doering and family are missionaries located in the Dominican Republic.