Christ- Centered | Community Orientated 
We believe the church is not a building nor is it some place you attend. The church is the body of Christ. (1 Corinthians 12:27, Colossians 1:18) God uses His church to reach out and we want you to be part of this incredible movement of God!
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Connect: Join a Sunday School Class
Join us in corporate worship is a great way to connect with God. We also want to connect you with our people who are on the same faith journey as you are. Sunday School is an opportunity for you to share, learn, and grow with others. Classes are available for all age groups. 
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Cultivate: Join a Discipleship Group
Are you looking for spiritual depth? Discipleship groups are just for you. About 3 times a year we offer class ranging from systematic theology to how to raise your kids. Check with the church office to find out when the next group of classes will start. 
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Call: Invite a Friend 
We have been given the great gift ever, the love of Christ! Why would we not want to share that gift with everyone we know. As simple as that statement is, it can still be difficult. But you never know until you ask. 
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Create: Serve on a team
Just how each part of your human body is designed for a specific purpose so is each member of the body of Christ. We want everybody to not just serve, but serve in an area of their passion. Talk to a staff member or deacon and let us help you find where you fit in the body.